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Why Mobile?

I wanted to find more ways to help our community and so I decided to open mobile dog grooming because its an essential and convenient service!


Is Mobile Grooming For You?

Here are some of the benefits of using our mobile service:

  • Stress Free Environment

We strive to provide your beloved dog with the most stress free environment possible.

  • Great For Older Dogs

Older dogs generally have a harder time getting around jumping in and out of cars and walking into the groomers. We park right outside your front door so then your dog just gets to walk across the yard to enjoy their spa day!

  • No Other Animals 

Your pet is in our salon with just us and no other pets around. Great for the ones who aren't fond of other dogs or are timid, or even just don't want the worry!

  • No Kennels 

Since it will only be one dog at a time there will be no kennel time.

  • Undivided Attention

We will be spending quality 1-on1 time with your dog, giving them our undivided attention. We want to insure they are having the best experience possible! 

  • Shorter Groom Times

Since we will only be working with your dog they won't be sharing their time with other dogs like at traditional salons.

  • Long Term Relationships 

We want to create long term relationships with our clients because we care about you and your best friend!

  • Saves Time

We come right to your front door so there is no driving time to take your dog to or from the groomer! No waiting around until you get told your dog is ready to be picked up!

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